Female Kalinka Zhoffrei

DSC 0207

Scottish fold (SFS)

Color: silver shaded color point (ns 11 33)

Date birth: 29.04 2017 

Sire: CH Oficer Zhoffrei SFS ns 11 33

Dam: Milka of Mariella SFS 71 ns 11 33

Breeder: Zhkaraeva Janna

Owner: Khazankina Olga

Photo Kalinka 

Female Glamisway Yurico Altun Yaruk

DSC 0022

Scottish straight (SFS 71)

Color: blue lynx point with white (a 21 33 03)

Date of birth: 24.05.2016

Sire: Umka Teffolt SFS 71 a 21 33 03

Dam: Glamis Fold Gracie Kelly SFS a 21 33 03

Breeder: L. Sandomirova/S. Sobennikova

Owner: Khazankina O.

  More photo Yurico

Markissa Orfey

DSC 6640

 Scottish Straight (SFS 71)

Born - 01.08.2014

Color - Black silver shaded (ns 11)

Sire - GICH - Markiz Zolotoi Zamok SFS ny 25

Dam - CH Markissa Diana SFS ns 11

Breeder - Yaseneva G.

Owner - Khazankina O.

Blood type: A

Genetic test on ADPKD - negative!

 Orfey is our cattery's face. But time is going on and we should move on. He is an incredible, сharmig cat with wonderful, expresive eyes.Orfey is a breed champion. He gave to his kittens a temperament, kindness, gentleness and great breed's type. 

Photogallery Orfey


Female Yvelin L*Mur

DSC 6864Scottish straight (SFS 71)

Color - black silver ticked tabby (ns 25)

Date of birth - 14.02.2016

Sire - Watson L*Mur SFS n 25

Dam - Teffi L*Mur SFS 71 bs 21 33

Breeder - Belohvostova Helen.

Owner - Khazankina O.

 Yvelin - is a so called "kitty-monkey". Our very pretty, sweet, funny baby with easy  childlike, unconstrained  character. I really want to give her the best carefree life of sterilized female. I hope her so attractive and playful soul never will give you to bore).

Photogallery Yvelin

Female Markissa J*Lala

DSC 6842Scottish Straight (SFS 71)

Date of birth 20.10.2013

Color - Black Silver Shaded (ns 11)

Father- G.I.CH Markiz Zolotoi Zamok SFS 71 ny 25

Mother - Ch. Markissa Diana SFS ns 11

Title - Champion WCF

Breeder - Yaseneva G.

Owner - Khazankina O.

Genetiс test on ADPKD - negative!

 Lala is great scottish female in a silver shaded color, with amazing, expressive emerald eyes, wich she gave to her kittens. Her short temper and unbelievable devotion never will leave me indifferent to her. She gave me  long-awaited cat-sire of my cattery - Snow Owl Elisey, male scottish fold, black silver shaded color, in high quality show tipe. Our girl moved to  another cattery for continuation breed work. 

Photogallery Lala

Female Gelioland Alison

DSC 6948

Scottish straight (SFS 71)

Date of birth - 26.05.2015

Color - Black golden tabby pointed (ny 21 33)

Sire - Ich Eremias Gelioland SFS ny 22

Dam - Ch Daenerys Gelioland SFS 71 n 21 33

Breeder - Shamaeva A.&Shamaeva E.

Owner - Khazankina O.

Alison is left the cattery in connection with the change in the breeding program of my cattery. Unbelievable affectionate female. Has a title of Champion breed WCF. 

Photogallery Alison

Female Absolu Ultima

DSC 9345Scottish fold SFS

Color - Black Silver Shaded (ns 11)

Date of Birth - 15.06.2014

Sire - Ultra Golden City Odissey SFL by 11

Dam - Absolu Infinity Sky SFS 71 ns 1133

Breeder - Suljagina O.

Owner - Khazankina O.

Genetic test on ADPKD - negative!

Ultima finished her breeding activity at my cattery. Her babys  enjoys their new parents by their light character, great breed's type, kindness and tenderness.

Ultima's photogallery 

Female Amira Graces of Snow Owl

amira 5

Born: 29.07.2012

Breed: Scottish Straight  SFS 71

Color: a 33 (blue point)

Sex: Female

Sire: CH. Luckys Kiss SFS 71 a 33

Dam: Cassie Nega SFS n 33

Breeder: Ageshina H. 

Owner: Khazankina  О.

Amira has a title of Champion of Breed, repeatedly participated in exhibitions. Wonderful exhibition temperament, unbelievable amiableness - conquered the hearts of many experts. Amira is an extraordinarily affectionate pussy-cat with character of kitten, infinitely kind and devoted girl, favourite lady-cat of my daughter.  Shi is presented to us three excellent, pedigree kids that does not stop to make  happy the proprietors.  A pussy-cat is shown out of the tribal breeding, in connection with changes in the tribal program of nursery.

Photogallery Amira


Female Eseniya Well-Bred Kiddy

image 6

Born – 05.11.2010

Breed: Scottish fold SFS

Color – a 22 (blue tabby blotched)

Sir: CH. Ustin Well-Bred Kiddy SFS 71 ns 22

Dam:CH. Pamela Well-Bred Kiddy SFS a

Breeder:  Sboev T.

Owner: Khazankina О.

Eseniya has title of  Champion, took part in cats show, gave us 4 beautiful litter of kittens. Independent and proud disposition, loyalty and dedication, incredible eyes, excellent blotched tabby color  - all Eseniya continues to give me, while on retirement. Eseniya was spayed. 

Photogallery Eseniya