Information on kitten reservation

Requests for purchase of a kitten are taken by email from 1.5 months.

The request should contain the following information:

1. Surname, first name;

2. Country/city of residence;

3. Phone number;

4. The purpose of purchase of a kitten (as a pet or for breeding). If You are interested in a breeding animal, specify how long have You been breeding, do You have any other pets and if yes - what are they, breeding cattery name (if any), what phelinological system it is registered in, website (if available);

5. If You get a positive response to Your application, within 5 days You should read the Kitten Transfer Agreement which will be sent to the indicated address, make a prepayment, the amount of which is individual but makes not more than 50% of the total cost;

6. In case of Your refusal to take the kitten after signing the Agreement no refund is possible;

7. The breeder reserves the right to refuse selling a kitten without explanation, with full refund!

8. The transfer of the kitten is paid by the buyer;

9. Chipping, breeding records, the transfer of the animal to other cities are paid in addition!!!

10. All kittens have documents. Kittens purchased as pets leave the nursery only after castration/sterilization of the animal, with an unnumbered breeding record marked "not for breeding";

11. Purchase of an animal for breeding in Odessa and Odessa region is possible only on terms of joint possession;

12. Kittens purchased for breeding leave the nursery at the age of 3.5 months. At this point, they are fully vaccinated. The cost of these kittens may differ from the originally-stated due to their show results!

If you do not find suitable for you kitten, you can odering on kitten, and we will inform about the appearance such kitten